Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Season 1 "Minecraft: The Bay" Summation and Thoughts

Season 1 was my first go at doing the whole "Let's Play" thing.

I learned a few things, and figured out what I was really doing. There's a lot of stuff on the cutting room floor. This is because you can't really do a text and picture Let's Play the same way as a video. there's a lot of boring stuff that goes on in a video that is even more boring once it isn't in motion.

I had a strong urge to sensationalize things, but you can't really come across an abandoned castle in minecraft. All my initial caves all really looked the same and weren't exciting. So I spent most of my time above ground.

Overall I was happy with it. It kind of ended a little fizzy instead of a hooray, but I think that's because I know how season 2 ends. Season 2 has much more going on and much less me learning stuff. So stick in there guys, I'm positive 2 is at least better than 1.

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