Dungeons and Colonies

Dungeons and Colonies!

Minecraft is a game with thousands of mods.  Whatever your taste in games, you can typically find a mod for the play style you prefer.  Dungeons and Colonies is a series that focuses on Minecolony and Better Dungeons, and is built around Minecraft 1.2.5.  This Let's Play text and picture series is based on the story of an adventurer that is put in charge of creating a colony in an unknown land.  I have 10 days to prepare for the coming of the colony ship.  Afterwards I must protect and build the colony, while keeping my citizens happy and safe.  I have to gather wood and stone.  I have to hire farmers, hunters, and lumberjacks.  The land is crawling with strange structures, and beasts I have never seen before.  I will most likely have to defeat keeps held by dark lords and dungeons manned by the undead so that my colony will thrive!

More info on Minecolony here: Minecolony Developer Website

More info on Better Dungeons here: Official Minecraft Forums Better Dungeons Post

You can find my Dungeons and Colonies posts by searching the labels for Dungeons and Colonies.  Also here a link to Chapter 1.

Dungeons and Colonies Chapter 1

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