Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Dungeons and Colonies 27

The Beginning of the Ending

Time has passed.  Our Colony has been open to seafarers and explorers for a while now.  Wealth has come and Jim and I are knee deep in construction.  Many homes have been upgraded to stone to protect against storms from the sea and other hazards.  A garrison of protectors roams the town to keep citizens safe.  Our colony is known as a shining bastion of safety to all those that come to the New World.

Our first privately owned mansion.  It was built to cap the street in the 2nd residential area, and truthfully we had hoped some learned scholar would take up residence and be of some use to the colony.  I came back from an exploration expedition to find it occupied.  I asked Jim, and he had said he had seen a woman come and go, but that was basically all he knew.  I decided to leave a letter asking for a meeting with the members of the household.

I arrived in the reception room of the house early in the morning.  There was only one name on the wall, Linda B. Johnson.  The name was of no relation to anyone living in town permanently.  There was also no co-habitation listings.  Whoever she was, she was wealthy and she lived alone.

Linda entered the home after doing some morning shopping, and apologized for her late arrival.  She was shy, and a little flighty.  We talked for a bit about the colony and how she liked it, then I asked her where she was from.  Her expression turned to one of sadness and she looked out her window toward the frontier.  Her family was one of several that had been coaxed into traveling to the new world to live with a Baron that was interested in setting up his own colony.  The Baron created a walled estate with several homes.  The nobles brought money, servants and workers.  They were defended from the dangers by the great wall surrounding the colony.  Each day the Baron would take the workers and supplies that came almost daily, and set about creating his palace.  Soon though, the extravagance of it all drained the Baron's money, and much of the colonist's resources as well.  The colony was prepared to leave... until a stranger visited.

This stranger traveled with what Linda called "rough looking characters".  He wore long robes and and set of gold glasses.  He carried with him these strange orbs that pulsed and glowed.  Later I would show Linda one of the Ender Eyes I had gotten from the pirates, and she confirmed that it was indeed the same kind of orb this stranger had.  The stranger knew of an old temple near the colony and palace.  He said that the Baron could take resources from it and continue building his palace.  Indeed there would be enough even to double the size of the colony itself.  The baron took this advice.  Tragically, the Baron's men awakened something by desecrating the temple.  One night a wave of evil swept in, slaughtering everyone.  Only Linda and her husband were able to get away, due to them being on the beach.  Her husband died of wounds he sustained while fighting back the evil horde while they escaped.

Her Colony was only a short journey away from our colony.

It is time to call upon all my resources.

Time for old defenders to aid me once again.

For old secrets to be called upon.

and for the weapon of the Enemy to be turned against them.


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