Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Dungeons and Colonies 26

Proof that Notch Loves Us.

We all know the drill by now.  Here's the spot.  I'm gonna clear it and build something here.  I guess I should say this is behind the inn and the barracks, but not as far as the lumberjack and hunter's tower, and that's the usual, same beginning before a build, same process(moo), same...(moo) same... hey, hey WTF? (moo)

How long has that cow been in this tree??

GET OUT OF THAT TREE!  MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAH.  Well, just kidding.  Obviously this cow was hiding from all the town wives that like to punch cows to death, so I lead him to the cow promised land in a valley far from the colony and let him live the rest of his natural cow life.

The building I am making is pretty much a squareish rectangle, and so looks kind of boring.  I started with design first before function in this new building.  The windows are nicely spaced, the framing is nicely set up, and the lines are broken by different materials used all around.  You can see the barracks peeking over the top of the frame.  This building is important, we'll keep it well guarded.
In the front I create a pointed arch above the door.  I take cobblestone and start working my way back along the arch to create the roof.  I need this arch in the ceiling because I have plans for a sort of double deck inside of this building.  Design first, but functional also.

And here we have the inside of our brand new BREWERY!!  The life blood of the colony, the heartsource of morale, the warm sun in a blizzard.  Even those stick up the butt puritans that settled somewhere else had vast reserves of brew.  Now we can make our own.

Here's the first part of our tour.  This is our boiler, where we boil the grains in preparation for the next step in the process.  There is a large chimney that collects the smoke from our wood fires.  Like most beer of this old type, it has a slight smokey flavor to it due to the fuel used in this process.  We minimize this with our chimney design.

Here on the second deck, up high, is where the next process occurs.  This is a large tub where we put the boiled wort.  In the back we have a series of doors that opens to the air overlooking a crystal clear spring.  The water for the beer comes from that spring and is kept free of scum and dirt.  The doors and tub create an open air fermenter, like those found in the Senne valley in real world Belgium.  A lambic style.

This is the area below the tub.  If you look, you can see tubes that lead from the tub, and into cauldrons.  These cauldrons are highly polished and disinfected.  There are two spouts for rapid draining.

From the cauldrons, the now fermented beer is emptied into these large oak barrels.  Here the beer ages and ferments further until it creates the kind of beer we're aiming for.  Some is an apple flavored brew, somewhat like a cider mixed with a light ale.  The other is for whatever non-fruited beer we make.  Darked roasted for a Guinness like stout, reddish brown roast for a nice red ale.

The colony brewery.


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