Thursday, May 23, 2013

Dungeons and Colonies 24

Hey, where's Jim?

I am not the only one that has been busy building.  Nothing makes the colony larger like a fast builder, and Jim has been building and building and building.  In the time it takes me to make a single Church, he can have an entire new section of the colony built.  This is what he was doing while I was working on the docks.

Just past the docks, up the new staircase I made, Jim got started on making a market.  The market is on this side so that new people do not have to walk through our entire colony to get to the goods and trades we have for sale.  Also... and I thought this was genius... the smell of the fresh baking bread nearby would make visitors hungry and buy food while shopping.

As you can see, he was building a fountain.  I like fountains and thought this would fit in nicely right here, give visitors a source of fresh water, and give a cooling effect on a bustling marketplace.  There's another reason I wanted a fountain here, and old Jim did not know my plans...

The Jim Robinson Plaza was dedicated and opened with Colonist-only celebrations in honor of the town's most popular citizen.  When things are broken, Jim's there.  When someone needs a chicken or dog coop, Jim's there.  Everyone in town is living in a home built by Jim.  It seems only fitting he should be immortalized, and every new visitor should know that the colony is here because of Jim.  

This is the area just beyond the church.  After I had made the area, landscaped and built the church, it was Jim's turn.  The colony has several new colonists that are currently living in the town hall or with other colonists as guests.

In practically no time, Jim made a new neighborhood, doubling the colony's capacity for permanent residents.  I did help with the decoration and the roads while Jim built the homes.

This new neighborhood changed the colony and gave us a problem.  The outer boundaries of our colony were no longer far away.  So I had Jim build Christopher a lumberjack cabin further into the forest, and behind it he built a hunter's watch tower.  From the top of the tower you can still see the colony, so it allows the hunter to keep an eye pretty much everywhere colonists would go.

Jim has one last big project this week.  The colonists are getting ready to invite tourists and sailors traveling from the Old World.  The hunter does his job when it comes to natural threats, and I do some work on the big threats away from the Colony, but the day to day workings of the colony needs a closer eye.  So before we officially start sending out word, the Colonists demanded Jim build a barracks and that we hire some guards to police the streets.

A view from above the barracks, you can see what the main part of the colony looks like today.  On the right is the Mayor's Mansion(still not elected yet), Craft Row below it, and the Church just behind that.  A bit further down and you see the new neighborhood.  Above the barracks you see Old Town, the original home area of the original 4 colonists, and you can see the town hall poking up right in the middle.  The bakery, farms, Docks, and a mysterious building are on the left.  What's that building?  Next time.


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