Friday, May 10, 2013

Dungeons and Colonies Chapter 20

A lair layn bare.

After a night's rest, I explored my underwater wonderland.  In a few areas the land would open up in a rift of sorts, letting me see 3 or 4 "layers" of this tropical place.  I still had no clue as to if this was some sort of natural formation or something created by another civilization.  Perhaps the very same ones that created the underwater tunnels?  Then I saw it.

Amid the foliage and the stone I spotted brick.  I got closer and it was unmistakable, this was a man made wall.  I stepped past mushrooms and webs and made my way around the side of this building.  I stopped and listened and tried to figure out if there was anyone near or inside.  I heard nothing.

I did find a staircase built on to the side of the building.  The building seemed to be carved out among the land, as if someone nestled it into this one area among sheer cliff walls.  I walked up these stairs and found another set, and then another, and finally, I made it to the top where there was a doorway cut.

I put up a few torches and walked in.  I saw and heard nothing.  I got a look at the room, it was just an ordinary square room, except that in the corner I saw a wooden structure.

It was 4 doors made into the floor.  I lifted them up, one by one, and saw that they lead to a stairway.  The stairway lead down into a pitch dark area with a foul smell.  I had gone up about 3 levels I would guess, and this would lead down to level 2 and leave a final level for me.  At least, that's what I thought.  There could be levels underneath the ground as well.

As soon as I cleared my head on this new level, I was sprayed with thick spider's web.  I struggle to light a torch and see a GIANT spider in the room with me.  She had gotten too anxious and had stuck me in a spot beyond her reaching.  I cut the web from me, and danced around the steps, striking here and there and avoiding her web shooting.  I slew the spider... or so I thought.  As what was left was lying on the floor, it began regrowing legs, and then finally a head again!  I had to kill it a second time, and this time I did not stop hacking till there was nothing but bits and goo on the floor.  In a corner, covered in web I found a leaver.  I pulled it and heard some metal clanking.  Exploring the previous rooms upstairs, I did not find an opening.  I went back down the outside staircase and there I found a new opened doorway.

Through the doorway I saw a sparkling wall.  I go through and find a room lined with impenetrable bedrock and a chest full of Ender Eyes.  The real treasure though, was the room!  Covering the chest was a room made of PURE gold.  It was the most amazing display of wealth, and the awe inspiring visage was on par with the chest full of diamonds I had found after the Pyramid.  I collected what I could and I made my way back to my cave.

An underwater eden.
A room made of gold.
What will I find next in this place? 
Tune in next time for one last adventure under the sea.


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