Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Dungeons and Colonies 23

Salty Dogs

The Colony is expanding.  We have more citizens and more structures, and a surplus of goods.  We have had several visitors by boat and even a repeat ship that was here a few months back.  The colonists think we need to welcome guests and traders in a more official capacity.

We have two shorelines for the Colony.  This side is the side near the windmill.  The other shoreline is sort of the Colonist's recreational beach, and so I do not want to mess that side up.  What we need is a dock, and I think this area is perfect.  Coming from the sea, it is a easier to access area, it is in a nice harbor configuration so that the water will be tame even when the ocean is choppy.  I do already have a stone wall lining it, as this was where I was once going to have animal farms, but that just did not work well with our colonists.

Docks need... well they need docks.  I take 8 large tree trunks and I sink them into place.  This is going to be Dock #1 and will be the largest of the two planned docks.  I clear out the sand near it and install some stone connectors to the shore.  Next I start sculpting the area near the dock, holding back some sand with stone walls and adding some wooden walkways.

This is the 2nd dock and it is kind of hiding the larger dock from sight at this angle.  Here you can see how I am making a boardwalk around the shore area of the dock.  The stone will protect the wood from water surges, and the wood is treated so that it does not swell from all the humidity.  This smaller dock is for smaller boats.  The shore is much more shallow this close to the colony, so only shallow draft vessels can fit here anyway.

On the reverse view, we see that I have finally made a walkway up to the colony from this beach.  The little pool there on the left is where I always docked my little canoe in all my travels around the surrounding land.  I just hopped up some rough rocks back up to the colony.  Now I actually have steps.  Yay for progress.

Here we see the land behind the large dock.  It has a boardwalk area that leads to an elevated walkway.  I was not sure what I would be up here, but necessity of dock operations means that I need a cargo area.  I added the fences there just to break up the texture a bit.  So much stone just starts to blend together.

I chose an open air hold instead of a large warehouse.  If a ship needs long term, more secure storage, well we have payment options.  Otherwise they can load and unload things from this area.  Lastly, no dock is complete without a place for sailors to wet their whistle.  Its best to keep these things in one easily managed(and policed) area.

I make an entrance from the boardwalk, easily accessible from either of the docks.  The area is not the largest, so I create an "L" shape so that the building and push farther back.  Inside I line the floors with some stone brick.  Chairs, tables, booths, lots of places for sailors to gather and socialize.  I create a long bar that stretches to either side of the "L".    There we put a few kegs with spouts and pour levers.

And so we have our completed docks.


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