Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Dungeons and Colonies 21

The wealth of this undersea place is not just in its nature and its temples.  The walls of the canyons seem untouched and full of valuable minerals.  There are places where the foliage is so thick, that I can not see, so I must look for coal.  Just a few blocks in, and I find this huge formation of diamond.  I have been here for over a week now, and this is essentially diary entry #3 here.  I'm in an under water wonderland, a tropical valley lost to time, with only water above my head.

This is a rare sight.  I travel up the valley wall and past a few blocks.  I find this opening where a tree has grown for ages.  While there is much foliage and grass all within the valley, there are very few trees, and this is by far the largest.  The water here is fresh water, and I actually take the time to use a few of my logs to repair the broken bits of tree so that it will last another couple of hundred years.  Behind me I hear a familiar sound.

I turn around to find one of the giant spiders looking at me face to face.  It seems as large as the other spider I found in the temple, about twice the size of a normal giant spider.  This one though... is not spitting webs at me.  It is not advancing to me at all.  It must live here near the tree as a protector and saw me helping repair the tree!  Being very anti-spider killing in real life, I put away my sword, drop some cow meat at its feet, and leave his valley behind(the reality is it was probably day time, and I think these super spiders also follow the rules of not attacking during the day).

Soon after leaving the spider, I sort of stumbled into another temple.  Seriously, I fell through a hole that was hidden by some vines, took a lot of damage and landed on some brick.  Downstairs from that first room, I come to a room through a one way door.  The door is old and I could easily break it down, but it is obvious that originally this was supposed to be a trap.  Anyway, toward the back I find a spawner and a chest.  Nothing special in the chest.

I actually miss this stairway for a bit.  I know, obvious in hindsight, but I look up and down the previous room before coming back down and looking again.  The last time I went down a set of stairs like this, a giant spider attacked me, so I cautiously walk down and realize the room is small.  I stop and listen and I don't hear anything bad, so I run around the room putting up torches.

This room has 2 leavers and a red stone torch on the wall.  Further down the hall is a door that leads to nowhere.  So, I am betting this is some sort of puzzle.  I drop a leaver, and sure enough I hear some mechanical things moving and then nothing.  I drop the next leaver, and again, stuff moving, and then nothing. We are one step better than I was expecting, because nothing has blown up.  I go to the door and... nothing.  Still a door to nowhere.  I come back and do combinations of leaver up and leaver down.  Nothing.  Then I spot my folly.  There's a button next to the torch that I placed.  A few combinations and a click of the button and now the door to nowhere becomes a stairway down!

In my excitement I almost forget my previous lessons.  There is a spider down here, and this one DOES want to eat me.  I also spy a large chest on the other side.  I ready my weapons and I fight the spider.  Using what I knew from the last spider, this one does not last long, and even when it starts gaining back life, I do not let up and attack unrelenting.  I slay the spider and look in the chest.

What a prize!  A magical set of chainmail armor!

My time here is done.  I have been here for a long while and gotten many wondrous treasures, but I am missing the sky, and the wind, and my cozy cabin bed.  I gather all the things I am taking with me, and I make my journey to the top of the valley.  I jump up into the water, and I swim for the surface.  Near by is the island with my boat, and I take it home.  It is night time when I come upon my cabin, but it is a welcome sight still.


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