Thursday, May 9, 2013

Dungeons and Colonies 19

Lights in the Water

For a few days I rested in the Cabin.  Soon though, I go the itch to go exploring some more.  This time I wanted to head out behind my cabin in a direction completely away from where I have ventured so far.  I found out that this way was mainly ocean and islands.  I craft myself a boat and I go sailing, for almost an entire day.  As the light starts to fade I see something very strange.

Those are lights underneath me.  I can not judge distance, but they are fairly deep down there.  The light is just enough to give a spooky ambiance to the area.  I think at first that maybe it is some sort of glow in the dark fish, but they are stationary and upon closer look I see that they are indeed lanterns.

After a few minutes of looking, I find an island near by that is large enough for me to land and get my stuff together.  I try and peek at things closer to the island, but mainly see what looks like seaweed everywhere.  I make chest and only keep a few things on myself, and I wade out into the ocean to what looks to be the most shallow part.  I swim down.

Suddenly I get caught up in a current that sucks me down under the ocean.  I fall.  Then I feel as if I'm returned to the above, only in the opposite direction.  I fall into a pocket of land with breathable air!  I see now that the seaweed I thought I had seen is actually vines growing on islands with their own little air pocket environments.  I am amazed and awestruck as I observe the world around me.  

I go to the edge of these little island air pockets and see that they are but stepping stones leading downward. I continue going down, island by island, until I come to a valley in the ocean floor.  There are water falls, lava rivers, and everywhere lanterns light the land.  I must be very near the bedrock now.

Here and there I find chests.  Inside these are not really "treasure", but extra torches and food.  It seems they are more like survival caches than treasure chests.  The land is built almost like cake layers on top of each other.  A few blocks down from any one level, and you will fall to the next layer.  This place is huge, I'd say easily the size of the snow valley near my cabin.


I find an area so thick with vines that the light from the lanterns does not penetrate.  It is here I find a hollow in the rock and start digging it out.  This place is so huge, and so unimaginably magical that I have to explore.  I am going to spend a long time here, so I better make myself a base of operations.

It is spartan, and without a lot of accommodation, but I have spent my time living in cliff side caves, and inside ships for months of travel.  Besides, I will mainly come here for sleep and storage of anything I find.  I have imagined seeing pirate ships, I have thought of maybe finding ancient ruins, but I have to say this underwater valley is something I never had a clue could exist.  This is why I do what I do.  I want to see the world wide eyed and inspired.  I want to see things that other people have not, and then I want to share the experience and the wonder.


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