Saturday, May 25, 2013

Dungeons and Colonies 25

My new home.

This is the area right next to the dock, but a little more inland and a little bit higher on a hill.  This is where the new Inn will go.  This will give sailors a place to stay if they can afford to stay off ship.  I set the big tree on fire because I hate messing with big trees, they are a hassle.

Like with the Mayor's home, I start with function over form.  I start by making the lobby.  I have an idea of what I want to do with the place, a sort of tower with a lobby attached to it, done in a way I have not attempted before.  I feel like it would make the thing unique and actually fun to build

I make a hallway where everything is going to connect up.  I'm going to start from the bottom up, so I dig downward and start opening up a hole.  I line the hole with cobblestone so that dirt walls do not show.  The roof of this hole will serve as the flooring for the first level of the Inn's residency tower.

Here is the hallway.  As you can see I have 3 levels of habitation, and 3 classes of areas available.  Down below is a room of bunks with one semi-private bunk.  They are cheap, but better than sleeping on a boat.  Above them is a second section with 3 private rooms.  They are small rooms, just enough space to throw your junk on the floor and sleep privately, away from snoring sailors that smell like rum.


The basement area, 3rd Class.  I used the class designation because of its nautical passenger ship connotations.  Each bunk is doubled and has a latter next to it so people can reach the top.  Some people call these "coffin" hotels, because traditionally the bunks were carved out into the wall and you slept in a hole that felt like sleeping in a coffin.  Mine are a higher class than that, allowing you to stretch out and get some better air circulation.
The single Penthouse suite has two rooms to it.  Past the door and up some stairs is the first class seating area with plenty of room and light coming in through the windows.  Around the corner is the bedroom with good views of the balcony garden.

Out on the balcony, the Penthouse has views of the docks and much of the rest of the colony.  On either side of the balcony is a small garden just outside the windows.  Some times of the years there is fruit the blooms that is native to the New World, a nice little treat for any high paying visitors.

Here we see the entirety of the brand new Inn.  Compact is footprint though with plenty of space for travelers.  I like the Penthouse so much that I take a bit of my booty from adventuring and purchase the Penthouse outright, though I do say that I would stay in a Private room if we need to house a captain that could benefit the colony financially.  What? You didn't think I'd just up and make myself Mayor did you?  The Mayor's home is just too much space for me.


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