Friday, June 14, 2013

Dungeons and Colonies 29


As soon as I swam up the fountain, I was assaulted by a hoard of undead.  Even with my faithful sword and sturdy armor, I was forced to retreat to a less accessible part of town that forced the enemy to come at me in lower numbers.  I fought hard, but the undead just kept coming.

I fought hard and eventually cleared the courtyard.  The buildings were still full.  It looks like the church and several of the homes are infested with them.  Even on the rooftops.  I broke through the door with a crash and found four skeletons in the living room.  I shattered their bones and rendered them lifeless once again.  With the room cleared, I next saw the ladder to the roof and what awaited me at the top.

There was no way I'd be able to get to the top of this ladder quick enough to not get my head chopped off at the top.  Several unholy enemies were up there, and I swear they were grinning at me, daring me to try.  There was only one thing I could think of that I could do.

 It scared me a little.  Yes.  Because while I was in this town destroying all the undead, many of them were dressed in regular clothing, the kind of clothing a colonist would wear.   I started thinking, what if someone had to do this for my colony one day?  Going from John's field to the town hall, killing former colonists in large numbers.
Would someone have to do this to my own place one day?  I mean, I really only lived in a hotel room, but it could be stuffed full of evil one day, and one day someone might be leading a line of black powder up my stairs.  Besides... the colony, the whole thing kind of felt like my home... Would anyone see my ruined room and think "someone lost something precious to them today"

With that dealt with, I next cleaned out the church.  On the second floor I found something very familiar.  Another book of spells and enchantment!  I was in the right place, the evil pirate wizard had to be here somewhere.  The long threat to the colony that started the day I saw the pirate ship off the shore would finally end this day.
Next I went to the walls and found the last open resistance against me.  Several archers were walking the walls, and several times they almost shot me off.  I ran and I dodge arrows and was able to send them over the edge and crashing to their death.  Looking for more, I saw him.  The evil wizard.  He was in the town hall, on its highest floor, and he was looking at me through the window.

I came up the stair way with sword drawn.  As soon as he saw me, he threw corrupted ender eyes in my direction.  They would hit me tremendous force and break into thick shadows that crackled as they coursed over my armor.

I shrugged aside the pain, and the adrenaline pumped through my veins allowing me to come at him with full force.  He opened his robes and threw bones out upon the floor.  As we fought, the bones assembled and grew, what was just a knuckle bone suddenly was a full skeleton!

He cursed and he spat at me, but I never stopped.  He was beaten down and lay slain at my feet.  The wretched evil that he was would be finally gone.  This was the town's most well defended place, whatever was drawing the undead here would surely be in this room.  I looked around and found a stone out of place. I pressed the lever near it and soon a door opened in the false chimney.

Among the riches, I found it.  A giant diamond, easily the size of 9 diamonds put together.  This was a sacred thing and I could feel the energy inside it.  Removing this from its rightful place probably awoke the evils that now invaded the town.  This was not all though, one more thing had angered the spirits.  The Palace.


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