Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Dungeons and Colonies 28

Assault Part 1

I was not sure what this book could do, but I was able to read the notes and findings of its former master.  In his notes, he explained that it would take the knowledge that surrounded it and be able to grant grand powers to those that said the right incantations.  Those incantations were jumbled in speech which I did not know.  I took my diamond edged sword, placed it before the alter and recited some lines.  The book swung open by itself, flipped through pages and stopped upon a holy symbol.  Books on the shelves flew open and in the air, and formed in the symbol of a saint.  In the distances I heard the shriek of a thousand undead, crying out in terror as they knew something had happened that will cost them dearly.

Across the blade's length were etched runes, and even though I could not read them, as my eyes moved across them I heard whisper "Hand of God" in my mind.  I climbed from the secret chamber and found that outside all the villagers were coming out to see what was going on.  I asked them all to go to bed, and to meet near the shore at noon, and I would have news for them.

In the morning I gathered my belongings and stood out on my balcony to take one last look at the home I had helped made.  I was sure that it was in capable hands.  Jim would soon be elected Mayor, and he would lead to continued success.  The wives that once barely had enough material to patch their dresses now clothed themselves in fine dresses that were only matched by their own beauty.  Homes were no longer hovels, they were finely made with carpets and feather beds.  What was once but a small inland beach was now a grand town of commerce and join.

The townsfolk gathered as I had instructed them.  There, on the beach, I showed them the weapon that was given to me.  They each said they too had visions of the saint in their dreams before they awoke.  I told them that I had a feeling I was supposed to destroy the invaders at the other town and the palace, before they came here.  I did not know if I would be coming back.  Jim wished me well, John had to be restrained by his family.  He wanted to go with me, claiming he had enough of farming.  He said his son-in-law could take care of the family and that he would rather go in my place, enough young people had died.  I said my farewells, and gave my will to Jim.

After two days travel by boat and stream, I found the town and the palace close to each other on the shores of a river.  The grand arches and doors into the town had been walled up, and sure enough, at night I could see the walls guarded by legions of undead in armors and armed with weaponry.  During the day, when undead were scared to come out, I looked along the wall for a place that I may put TNT and blow open a hole.  As I was looking, I found something else.

A door leading down into the sewers.  Maybe this would be a better way than trying to blow a hole in the wall...  Reluctantly I made my way down the ladder and found myself in dark lit water. 

Down in the dark, the undead are relentless.  Skeletons in the armor of the noble's guards.  They wield swords, they hold shields, they wear helmets.  The Hand of God strikes them as if were made of lightning, and the bones cleave with the crack of thunder.  I feel the sword is glad, it is happy to be doing what it was made to do.  For days I spend down there in the dark cutting down the undead until I am starving.  As my arm tires, the sword grows lighter, and it seems somewhat disappointed in the lull.

I find a quiet corner, and hide while I nurse my wounds and eat so that I can have the energy to go on.  Finally, on the dawn of the 3rd day, I come to where the town's fountain drains into the sewer.  The opening is enough for me to get through.  I prepare to ascend into the village.

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