Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Season 1 Ep: 3 "Minecraft: The Bay"

So morning came without incident. I went outside and grabbed my crafting bench and went inside. A few stones creates me a furnace. Some sand, some coal, and now my shelter has glass windows! I'm a regular Joe Rockenfeffer. Actually, my shelter is pretty poor, but it keeps me safe at night. Here's a picture of it so you know what I'm workin' with.


So you can see that I don't really want to stick around here, I decide to go looking for cows. Cows, I figure, will give me something good. Perhaps some steak to eat, or milk. I go up the hill, but instead of going back up the mountain from yesterday, I head towards what I hope is some flat land. What I find is unpleasent...


I call this "The Hole". The whole damn mountain is hollow! This is the largest by far, but I soon find that almost all the hills here have smaller "holes". After about 3 mountains explored, I come to a flat area at last. It had roses and it had cows! Moo Mesa sounds stupid, so I named it Rose Point. Off the edge I see a large body of water.


I chased some cows around and killed them. They have leather, and I need some protective armor in case a mountain decides to explode. Come to think of it, I hope the mountains aren't hollow because they all exploded.... Anyway. With some leather in my bags, I headed back toward my shelter as it became night.

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