Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Minecraft Forums: Listed

Hello to any newcomers and what is apparently my long time readers!

My older readers came from my Gamer Blog, which is a wider take on games.

Feel free to go there if you are bored. Eventually all my Minecraft posts will only be posted here, as I don't want to see like I'm a bait and switch kind of guy. If you want Minecraft stuff, this is where you go.

I'm listing myself on the main Minecraft Forums as a Text and Picture Let's Play. I hope that there are several more folks that make a Text and Picture based Minecraft blog so that we can have a little community feeling around here. Text and Picture blogs are a bit of a different animal than a video blog. Video blogs can get by on boring parts by having witty content or just by the virtue of having motion. Text and Picture blogs can not do this, they have to be edited and set up.

Not to mention the vast amounts of pictures you have to sift through.

As of number 5 I'm in a sort of transition phase, and I lost a few photos of events that occurred so I had to "re-create" them. You'll notice because the grass texture is the more recent Holloween update grass. No need to "call" me out on this.

Anyways thanks for checking out my blog :D hopefully you get entertained for a while.

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