Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Season 1 Ep: 6 "Minecraft: The Bay"

Minecraft has lots of mining in it. I mine many times though you do not see it here really. All my torches, my refining of steel, and my cooking of ham requires coal in order for it all to work. To tell the truth I have not mined very far into the ground, and really the only amazing thing I've found under there is that underground river. So here are some pictures of my trip to the mine I call "The Gravel Pit". This is the mine that is past the waterfall bridge that has gotten me most of my coal. Its full of gravel everywhere. The last of the 3 pics in this one picture is some coal beside some iron ore.


As you can see in these pictures, I have a furnace. You can burn many things in the furnace. Wood of all types work, you can burn most anything made of wood. Coal is the best bang for your buck really, it burns much longer. If you put iron ore in the furnace with some coal, you get steel. With steel you can make a full suit of steel armor.


Ok, so now back to the bulding. The back of my mountain opens up to Cyclops mountain as you can see in the picture. Where the cave opens in the rear the land forms a nice little table. It is here that I start framing the floor. I have some decisions to make. The view, to tell you the truth, behind the mountain is not great. Its just a fragmented shell compared to the beautiful front facing the bay.


So I've decided to make a full wooden structure here. Wooden floors, wooden walls, and a wooden wrap around porch. The far end that you see with the flowers will stay sort of natural. There's a nice tree there with the flowers and I like the look out that side. In this next picture you can see the opening that leads to the bay, just a tiny bit there in the background.

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While working on the porch, I slip and fall. I actually land in a hole that is hard to get out, when suddenly I hear a hiss. Yes, a hiss just like the one when I was on the mountain all those days ago. I turn around to see THIS


Some kind of cactus monster that hisses and runs like a mad man strait to me. It explodes and I barely make it out with my life. Another crater was made, and I was tossed several feet away from the explosion. I am told they call them "creepers". I think that's far too nice a name. I've killed zombies on fire, but these things could blow up my entire house... I'm scared of these guys.

This is the fruits of my labor, the back of what I'm unofficially calling Fort Lookout.


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