Friday, November 12, 2010

The Map Mod Question

Minecraft is super easy to mod, and now with the in game texture switcher it is easier than ever. I find myself tempted to use some of these mods, especially the Doku derivitives, but every time I load them up into "Hollow World", as I named my world, it doesn't feel like "home" any longer. The world I am familiar with is suddenly alien again. So for "Hollow World", which contains The Bay, The River, and the upcoming Styxx, I am going to stay with standard.

That doesn't mean I'm anti-mod. I'm actually creating a 16x texture set for that contest that Notch announced. I have to say that making 16x textures look like anything more than a Jackson Pollock painting is pretty hard. Like, almost all the mods you see on the forum are at least 32x with many being 128x textures. I do not know of any that have stayed 16x in the modern Alpha version of the game. So I'll enter it into the contest but I don't know if I'll make it available to anyone else, its almost embarrassing to show to people that just do not understand what 16x16 is compared to even 32x32.

Notch did a great job with the original to tell you the truth, and nothing will humble you more than making what you think is a great and detailed 16x16 dirt file, only to load it in game and it look like really badly crap, repeated time and time again in the dirt hills standing before you.

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