Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Season 1 Minecraft: The Bay 01

New Beginnings

I am going to skip the "What is Minecraft" stuff. To get to know it better, keep reading my blogs each day I update them, or watch some youtube videos; both are cool with me.

So I was unsure about this world when I was thrown in to it. I have a woefully small amount of information about my first couple of days. Like most people, I went looking for coal along the coast line. My world reminded me of sandstone cliffs in China. Lots of caves that looked to be carved by tidal forces. These caves had very little coal. I fashioned a pick axe, looked around, dug a little and then night was falling. I did what everyone in this situation does without coal...

I dug a hole and covered myself in for the night. I did not have enough material to cover the entire roof. I sat there, hearing nothing for a long time, when the moon sudden materialized above me. The small hole in my roof was in perfect alignment with the moon. It was somewhat more comforting than complete blackness.


That was my area, and when I saw it from here, I was absolutely happy with it. I saw a lot of potential. I especially liked the island, I had cleared the top of it on my way to this vantage point, and it looked nice all flat like that. I immediately began planning. If you do not plan in Minecraft, you're going to be in a ton of trouble later on.

I decided I wanted to preserve the natural beauty of this scene. I wanted it to look like I built AROUND the landscape, not make the landscape move around my buildings. These are my plans as of now.


A: This is where my shelter is. I built it in the dark so it looks unnatural, but I was worried about being eaten.

B: This is my goal. I want to build a lookout/lighthouse home here, high enough where I can find it from far away.

C: I want to walk around easier, I am going to clear this material, I do not think it will harm the surroundings

D: I want to do like an overhanging walkway here, there is not a lot of sand, so I will carve tastefully into the cliff side here

Well that's it for episode 1. I promise it gets a little more interesting later, its just a slow start :D This season is 7 Episodes long. Tune in next time as I explore my immediate surroundings!

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