Saturday, November 20, 2010

#2 Weekend Talk Break

I guess over the weekend I'll continue to do just a written post about whatever.

I have spent the past month underground trying to explore this cave system. Quite frankly I am almost burned out on being underground. I have an amazing cave system, but I got to the bottom of the lake around Halloween and I am still exploring the cave now on Nov 20th. The lake is just the true entrance to this cave system. Every 3 caves down there I find, one is a hub with 3 more caves. Its literally never ending. I'm going to do some illustrations(coming up around episode 7) to try and convey the look and size of this cave system.

I still have lots of cool stuff to show you, but I think I am going to just have an extended season 3. I want to change gears with Season 4. I am not sure what I will do yet. I have not done any extensive building, so I may do that soon. Build myself a bit of a cozy home somewhere. I'm just worried that if I am getting sick of the cave, you guys might be as well.

On another note:

That's another player doing a text and picture blog. Please support our art craft by check his out.

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