Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Season 1 Ep: 2 "Minecraft: The Bay"

Today started out well.

I made my way down the side of the bay and found a few pieces of coal beyond a waterfall near my beach shelter. On my way back I cleaned up the coastline a little bit in anticipation of needing to mine there later. I made a few torches and felt much better about my situation. With my new confidence I began giving myself some more room in my shelter. I needed a few more blocks so I began chopping at the rocks in the cave beside the shelter and soon broke through to an underground cave. Using torches to light my way I was surprised to find...


I was excited, this was my first big discovery in game. The water moves fast, but is not so deep. I did not want to waste my rare torches, so after this shot I gathered back up my flares and left. I took the blocks I had and I squared away my shelter. I created a crafting bench and set it on the beach, I then fashioned me a door to put on my shelter to make it easier getting in and out.

I began feeling adventurous, so I resolved the climb the mountain and get a look at the cave up top where I planned on making a Lookout platform as my previous post illustrates. I get near the top, with barely any place to find a footing, when suddenly I hear a loud hiss. I look around and see nothing and then suddenly BOOM!


Something blew up the side of the mountain, I was blown toward the edge, but luckily did not fall off to my death. Only a few rocks had hit me. I took a moment to collect myself, I had no idea what had caused such an explosion. I looked and found the cave about 10 feet above me, luckily its structure did not seem damaged by the explosion, though I did not explore it further. Night was setting in. I went back to the shelter.


I was not sure what had happened up there. I did decide I need to make some windows for my shelter so I could see the things that may come around at night. Unfortunately I left my crafting bench outside on the beach... and my fear was too much for me to run out and retrieve it. Windows would have to wait for sunrise.

Episode 3 continues my exploration, as well as small improvements to my shelter.

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