Saturday, March 12, 2011

Series update

I've got 2 seasons of stuff saved and easily 4 seasons of ideas ready to go. I've hit that point where I am open to lots more stuff lately and so I have lots of interesting things I can do in this series.


Well, I am a little late on talking about the 1.3 patch. The patch before this did not have much that I deal with. I am not a redstone user and I will not be composing music. 1.3 though has several 1/2 blocks available now. This will really help with making buildings more smooth and allowing new home additions(they're coming to my world, stay tuned!).

Beds. Beds are sort of splitting the community in a few ways. I love anything that allows me to make a room more "dedicated" to something, so giving me bedrooms to make is wonderful. If you have not played with beds, they allow you to skip the night. I am split on this too. I do not use beds often, but I do use them. I use them usually when I first log in. I used to wait out a night while the game was windowed so that the next time I log in, its daylight and I can get right to it. Now I can log out at night and come back, sleep in a bed, and get right to Minecrafting. So they have their uses, but can also be abused much like peaceful mode.


Notch says he promised an idol that he would put in pet dogs. I can only assume it was Peter Molyneux, someone I have followed the career of for about a decade now. He made a big deal about EVERYTHING in his Fable games, and one of those EVERYTHING was dogs.

I know that Notch has worked on Wurm online, so I know that game has some advanced concepts. I had given up on Minecraft being this advanced, but the idea of dogs as pets has given me renewed enthusiasm that we are not even almost at the beginning of what Minecraft will be.

Oh and I hope we get DOGS, not wolves.


A historic moment is coming. The most important moment to this blog. A big project will be completed and will open the world up to me and my readers. Before the big expanse we will be visiting an old friend, and improving on one of my first projects. Afterwards starts a grand Age of Discovery and a stockpiling for a grand phase of building wonders... and maybe a mystical journey.

So stick with me!

Thanks for reading!

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