Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Season 5 Return to the Bay! Ep: 1 Season Opener!

Season 5 Return to the Bay!

Episode 1: Season Opener


This is my exact spawn area. Sometimes I forget why I spent all this time making a river and I have to remember how far away my spawn point is from the oceans on my map. If I press myself just a little too far and I end up losing a lot of something valuable, I need a way to get back quickly. For you newer readers, it was a coincidence that my first shelter was literally right beside my spawn point. I explored the area a bit to decide if I liked the place.

I consider it a happy coincidence.


This is the kind of terrain that surrounded the Bay. This was the flattest part really, everywhere else is hollow mountains that drop into endless craters at the top, it is an incredibly hard terrain to traverse.


The few pools that I would soon connect did in fact lead to a kind of valley between the rough terrain. The river now goes through there. This was a big time consuming detour to stay to the valley, but in the end I consider it worth it for the amount of dirt it saved me from having to break through.


At the end of my river is vast oceans. I come roaring out of the river on my boat, and generally I can get to anywhere of interest(I.E. places I die) very quickly. It really expands my mining opportunities.


This is what is above my spawn point. I barely ever lived up there, and usually used my little shack of a first shelter because there was no reason to really go "upstairs" It was fun and neat and high on concept when I made Fort Lookout, but lacking in practical use.


The little shack is pitiful. There's a stove, a craft bench and a double chest. That's it. I've literally made dirt shelters for one night that was as equipped. This will not do. I need to make Fort Lookout a true central hub.

Next up is Episode 2: Make Room! Make Room!

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