Sunday, March 20, 2011

March 20, 2011 weekend update

Dogs! Well, the next best thing: Wolves.

I think the main "squee" part of the video is when they shook the water off. This instantly made these creatures the most complex creatures in all of Minecraft. I think, right then, it gave a lot of people hope for a redo of creature behavior in game.

I for one can't wait. I know that it is not going to be the pet that I wish for(I would need a seperate UI and the ability to name them), but it will definitely add something new to the game.

So I am excited. Supposedly they are going in with 1.4 but you never know, we were supposed to get lamps at Holloween till he "forgot" to put them in with the patch, and we still haven't seen those.

Well anyway. That's the update really. There some achievement stuff that doesn't really excite me for this particular blog. Some stats too, telling me how many blocks I've broken. Still, not really interested.


I am really thinking over my exit of this world from the blog. I am sure it will stay my main world while playing, but it really does limit me a bit when it comes to patches and stuff. I still haven't made a portal and they've been in since Holloween. I still have about 3 weeks worth of posts to go from this point on, saved and ready to upload, so I'll at least do that. So my friends, The Bay may be coming to a close, but the Blog would live on in a new world... but its not certain, I am having loads of fun right now in this world, so we'll see if it stays interesting.

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