Monday, April 1, 2013

Dungeons and Colonie's 9

The Jim Robinson's Project

Jim and I looked at our town and said "we need to make this better".  Jim decided he did not want to just copy the old Town Hall, he wanted to make it better.  I gave him the go ahead and the materials to let him do that.  Meanwhile, I noticed Robert was at home.

He had trained quite a collection of hunter dogs for use on his nightly romps through the forest.  I decided that I could do something for him and his "family".

I made some fences, a gate, and a little shelter.   Now his house has a kennel attached to it for him to keep his dogs in at night.  Jennifer Taylor certainly thought I did a good job, she is happy about it.

Next, Jim finished the Town Hall, but I thought I would get to work on making the Town Square look a little better.  I was happy with the results.  The town is still debating on what we'll have in the square, I was thinking of saving the space for merchant shops for when we make products to sell.

With Jim doing such great work, I decided that we should upgrade our woodworking potential of the colony.  Jim and his bro-in-law, Chris Jackson, have been working overtime to get us the colony we all deserve.  It seems only natural to give them the kind of work space they need.  So I authorized the construction of a carpentry workshop, and a upgraded lumber shed, complete with a new set of steel axes.

Next I set out to expand the cliff area near the bakery.  The town will need lots of wool, so I thought I would make a pen to keep some sheep in.  I fenced in the newly filled and blocked up cliff, then went in search for sheep.  I got a long line of them, but due to the wolves in the area, I only got a couple back.  Still that's enough to start a fam.... ?


what?  Robert?  WTF ROBERT

Not cool bro!  How am I supposed to keep farm animals if my hunters always kill them??  I already did double fencing to make sure the wives don't mistake them for food, and well... Hunters have bows.  Dammit

Well I'll have to think of a way to keep farms.  Wives killing animals and Hunters killing what the Wives leave alive is a serious problem with this mod.

Here's the town after the rearranging and upgrading.



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