Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Dungeons and Colonies Chapter 14

For Receiving

This is a little area behind Craft Row and up a hill a little.  I cleared it off with little effort(compared to the Town Hall area) and decided it was a good place to build a Mayor's residence.  The house has to be fairly impressive because it will be where the Mayor takes people to convince them to use our new colony as stopping points to explore the unknown lands.  I have saved up quite a bit of rare materials for use in its decor to try and impress the dignitaries.

In a departure of my usual style, I do not make an outline of the home.  I need to know if I have cleared enough land to be usable.  I start by making an entrance and what will be the first large room.  On the outside I make a double porch.  Weird, I know, but I wanted a new feature I had never done before.  I might sort of regret it later, but it would let the Mayor have a view of the town no matter what level they are on.

As you can see in the first picture, the house is a bit more done and boxed in.  I decided to make the kitchen a sort of attachment to the house.  The reason manor houses started doing that is because historically the kitchen was kept away from the homes in case of fire, or because  slaves that cooked were kept away from the home.  Later the attached kitchen became a style copied in newer homes.  No slaves in our colony, but the style is expected.  The next picture is where I chose to do the stairway, in the 2nd large room.  I want the stairway to be out of sight in a sort of Jeffersonian style, so I'll be adding a wall here.

Now we come to the flooring.  I am going to use the flooring as a way of showing the wealth of the colony by using different floorings for different rooms.  The home is still quite small compared to what some people would build.  I tend to build in the "3 block high" style.  The roof is generally 1 empty space above your head.  It limits the amount of detail you can have, but it also keeps the home looking descent with tiny tiny doors attached.  Anyway.  Time for a tour.

We start at the entrance.  Stone brick flooring in case there is any mud on the guest's shoes.  The door here leads out to the first porch in case the Mayor wants to give the guests a good view of the colony before they begin talks.

Lapis Lazuli carpet lines the general seating area with expertly carved couches by Jim.  The picture is somewhat low definition, so you can't see the intricate woodwork carvings Jim put into the seating.  Windows line the room, letting in light and more views of the colony.  

In the dining room I used birch wood floors, polished to a mirror shine.  It makes the room seem much brighter than the few torches would let on.  with a large glass window in the back, dinners are treated to indigenous fruits and delicacies.  Items that can be shipped back on their boats to the old world.

The rest of the house is meant for general use and is "hidden" down a hallway.  Past the stairs to the 2nd floor(the Mayor's floor), there is the kitchen.  The kitchen has a double oven, a large chimney, and a nice birch counter top with granite cutting areas.  It has a door leading to the outside garden so that fresh produce and herbs can be picked and used in the dishes with minimum hassle.

The upstairs is a modest room for the Mayor's general usage.  There are observation windows near the bed, and a door out to the upper balcony so that the Mayor can keep an eye on things happening in the colony.  Whoever is chosen Mayor will be able to decorate and arrange the room how they like, so it is kept spartan for now.

The view from the Mayor's Balcony stretches on into the distance to the coastline and mill.  You can also see Town Hall in the lower left corner.  The balcony stretches over so that Craft Street is observable as well.

Here is a photo of the gardens attached to the Mayor's residence.  They consist of a small pond, flower beds using local flowers, and hedges lining the front.  There is a seating area outside for those that wish to take their meetings with the Mayor in a more open setting(being cooped up on a ship for the month's journey here would have diplomats weary of enclosed spaces).  The back wall is mossy cobblestone, collected by me in the dangerous places of the world.

And we leave with an open shot.  Not the best looking of home design I've done... I need some more materials.  This piece of crap has got to look better!

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