Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Dungeons and Colonies 10 Part2

I'm on a boat #$%)$*%*$#$

Remember last time?  Well if you don't, go find part 1.  I fight no less than 10 pirates on the deck of the ship.  The masts are tall and there is no real place to retreat for shelter... except back down a deck.  I put a pile of wood on the steps, take a breather, eat one of the Captain's Golden Apples, and then head back up for more fighting!

I climb the mast, and at the top find a pirate that I knock back using a rushing attack, and sure enough he backflips over the rails and falls to his death.  This boat has an extremely tall crow's nest, and I am surprised they have not spotted my windmill from here.  In retrospect maybe I should not have built a windmill till I had the pirate problem in hand... anyways.  Just one more pirate to go.

The Captain stares at me, daring me to open the door.  Diamond axe and shield in hand, and look at that life meter above his head(I can break the 4th wall, Deadpool made it ok, even cool, to break the 4th wall).  I open the door and he rushes out!
We fight all over the deck.  He is quick, but his shield slows him down.  I get bow and arrow out to keep my distance, but I run out of arrows.  I break a sword on his shield, and still we fight.  The fighting goes on, even into the twilight hours as the sun starts to set.  I knock some wood over into his way... but he disappears in a BAMF of smoke.  Where did he go??   BEHIND ME!  He knocks me out a couple of times, but I come back with my stockpiled weapons I got from his underlings and the epic fights with only one man victorious, Skypp!.  

A peak at the loot and we now see how he was able to teleport.  There were 15 eyes of Ender in the Captain's personal chest.  When you use these, you teleport across the world to wherever they land.  Also he had a record.  I have no record player, so I do not yet know the music he enjoyed.  Music lover or not, he was a pirate, and apparently plundered enough to make over 16 golden apples of the highest quality.  I also came away with 18 gold pirate teeth, and a stack of iron bars from the brig.  Inside the Captain's quarters I find a note: "I will be taking the my expeditionary ship to shore and staying for a few days.  Do not let your men get into my stash of Eyes of Ender, my research needs those and our investor will be much displeased, as they come at great cost".  Whatever...

Now what to do with this boat?  It is larger than the Gullwing, even though it is made much more clumsily and not nearly as beautiful.  For a minute I consider flying this boat to the moon somehow...  but decide that it has caused enough disaster and was in too bad a shape to ever really be useful.  So I give her to the sea

I stay on shore and spend the night watching her go down to the depths.  At daylight I will return to my Colony and take several days rest to recover.  My Colony will be safe from these particularly nasty pirates, but it makes me think about what else could happen.  Other pirates could come by, and what about that note?

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