Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Dungeons and Colonies 16

Field Trip

With the pirate threat eliminated, I felt like I had opened up more of the new world for me to explore.  The Mayor's home was completed, and with Craft Street done, the colonists need some time to replenish our stock of goods.  I told Jim that I was going to go exploring for a few days, maybe a week or so.  He said it would do me good, and I might find some more stuff for the colony, so I bid farewell to the town and I journeyed out.

A little past where the library ship had been, I came to a big rim of walls.  It took a while, but I finally made it up and over, and then I saw what was on the other side.  A cold wind blew against the cliff, and I beheld a valley covered in snow.  The walls must trap the air and moisture into the valley.  A vast spruce forest lay in front of me.  Spruce are rare near the colony, so it was a great discovery, we may have to set up a logging cabin near here to gather some of the wood.

Just beyond the valley walls on the other side, the land was lush and green.  The walls do such  a good job in blocking any cold wind, that a green coast opens up.  Across a bit of water there is even a giant jungle!  I did not explore the jungle much because day was turning to night.  I gathered some jungle logs and I went back to the coast, here I decided to build a cabin.

I started by creating some posts in the ground using the jungle logs.  This would frame my home and give it the strength it needs to support a roof.  I want a simple home because likely I will only live in it a few weeks, and also give the colonists a map to it, in case they wander and get lost at night,  It may prove a useful shelter for anyone out on their own.

I next added the walls and kept plenty of room for windows.  I chose this slightly elevated spot so that I could keep an eye out on my surroundings.  There does not seem to be many predators around because the valley is full of cows and the jungle is full of pigs, but I can never be too safe.

From the entrance you get a view of the inside.  I tried to maximize the useful space without making it feel claustrophobic.  I built a stair and a platform for my bed to reside on.  Making up one wall of the platform is my storage and crafting area.

The far side of the cabin incorporates a very large viewing window so that I can see far into the fields.  I used jungle wood planks for the flooring, and spruce boards for the walls.  The platform is made of regular "oak", so here you see a nice contrast of the wood types.  Here you also see that under the platform is a fenced area with a walk way underneath the cabin.  

The cellar is fully enclosed in stone, and I added a hardwood floor to it as well.  It will most likely be used for the more precious storage, and also as a storm cellar in case the weather on the planes is anything like the planes back home in the old world.


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