Thursday, April 25, 2013

Dungeons and Colonies 15

Taking a Stroll

Ok.  I hate the look of that house.  This is 2.5 though, so there are no multi-colored stairs nor slabs in this version, so I can only do so much.  Still, I think I'll look for something that I might be able to use to make the house better.  I stray a long ways down the coast, almost a half day by boat.  I get out and I climb down into a valley.

I find some sheep down here.  Now, we know I can't keep farms because of the silly colonists like killing sheep, so I go around and a sheer about two stacks of the stuff from the giant herd.  This will help me make some better carpets and some beds that are needed in town.

Leather is widely needed for various things, and meat would be a welcome change from the bread we constantly eat.  Up a hill I find some cows and proceed to kill and field dress them so that I can take back their useful items to the town.  Over this hill, I find a very rugged bit of land, and on the hillsides it is dotted here and there with pumpkins.

I gather a few and wish that the colonists could make pumpkin pies, but alas, no one here knows how(that came from a later version).  Still, I scout the area for more cows and possibly pigs.  I get to the top of a rather large hill... but then spot something way off in the distance, almost hiding behind a hill.

Another ship!  This is one small.  I soon remember the note I found in the large pirate ship.  There were other ships in the area that belonged to this crew.  I am optimistic though, not all ships are bad.  Some just want to do trade with our colony while exploring the new world.  I scout around the mountain and come to a better approach upon the ship.

It is definitely a smaller ship, and it is docked against the cliff here.  I am soon spotted and yell to the inhabitants, asking if they had seen any wandering cows about.  There is commotion on the ship and then suddenly I realize these are the same type of pirates I had fought before.

They jump down from the deck and come out of the upper cabin to fight with me.  "I bet his friends are the ones that burned the Captain's ship!" I hear them yell.  "Get him!  For the Captain!"  "We'll make him tell us where his friends are, then we'll have our revenge!"  So it is clear to me now, I have to clean out this ship or my Colony will once again be in danger.  I fight my way up to the deck, and the one in charge seems to be in the cargo hold.

"Come down here, and you'll get cleaved!" the pirate yelled up at me.  I jumped down the latter and met him, axe to sword.  There was not much room for axe use down there, so I soon got the upper hand and slew my foe.  When I put up several torches I found a true treasure in the hold.

A library of a great many books... and a particularly interesting book, "Magus Incantantum" it said on its cover.  Over the next few days I would go back and forth from the ship, cleaning out the books and bringing them back to the village.  I would put the books on the Gullwing, since no one but I frequented that ship.  I wanted to study the books a bit more before I concerned my colonists with it.

I once again made sure that no one would be able to make use of this dread pirate ship.  But not all my questions are answered.  None of these pirates looked rather educated, and none of them had any sort of books or writing utensils on their person.  Whoever these books once belonged to, I did not see hide nor hair of the person while I was there.

I gathered my new materials and tried a second time to make the Mayor's home look better.

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