Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Dungeons and Colonies Chapter 12

Craft Row!

Time to kick building into high gear in this new area.  I made a blacksmith last time, but there's more craft jobs out there than that.  Eventually they will be making goods to sell, not just what the town needs.  They will also work together to achieve greater products, so why not locate them all together?

I did this to PROVE that Jim is VERY HAPPY about me relocating his shop AGAIN.  This is going to be the last time... I think.  Anyways, the "old man of craft row" is happy to be in a place he can help out his fellow craftsmen. 

The first new addition built by me is the tailoring and sewing supplies building.  In the window you can see a mannequin for displaying the new clothing the tailor has made, and in the back you can see some dyed wool that will be used for whatever a customer needs.

Next I decided there should be a masonry and stonework building.  The building for it is unique to that kind of craft.  I made an area with glass roofing so that the sculpting mason can have plenty of light for his work.  There is a display area showing the kind of masonry he can offer, and finally in the back there is a stone yard that the mason can get his material from.

To emphasize the Mason's skill, I gave the building some stone brick decorations.

Next I created a pottery and weaving building so that my townspeople could have every day useful items like water jugs and bread baskets.  I made a basic building, but outside I created a special garden that is for growing reeds and grass.  Inside I installed a pottery wheel, and a water tank for general use.


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