Friday, April 19, 2013

Dungeons and Colonies Chapter 13

Tidying up

To tell you the truth, I did half of this update and started on a large project you will see in Chapter 14.  I came back afterward to try and fill this one out.  The last bit of this one is something I had been planning to do for a while, but more on that later.

It has been decided that the cove that the colonists landed one will not become a port, but will remain a sort of sanctuary for the colonists.  Being that way, the beach was getting rather cluttered with supplies and chests that I used while working on the colony.  So I set Jim to the end of Craft Street and told him to build us a warehouse.

At first he was using single chests and I advised him that if we were to make this the colony's storage area we'd need it bigger.  He said that he could do that, and that he had an idea about how to expand storage space as well.  I let him do as he deemed fit.

He built into the warehouse a stone protected basement to house important and valuable objects.  I decided I did not need a delivery man to go about mucking up my storage facility, so I broke the delivery man chest.  I may decide to have one later if I ever get a spot for my personal stuff, and am able to block him from getting to it.

The day is done, and the old man of Craft Street heads home after a hard day's work.  Craft row looks pretty good, and the colonists should be able to produce whatever they need, and maybe some to sell to passers by.  But the day is not done for me.

We once had a spring near where the wheat field is.  Since it was filled in, the colonists have been getting their fresh water from this spring, on the other side of the town hall.  Sometimes though, especially after a rain, the water would be murky, or if someone disturbed the bank the mud would get into the water and colonists would have to wait to use it.

I created an outline and cleaned up the banks a bit.  Then I went on the other side and strengthened the wall.  I had a good idea that maybe it would be useful to have an expanded well as the colony was getting larger.

I always have a thing for two tiered water structures, and I think this one came out pretty nicely.


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