Thursday, April 11, 2013

Dungeons and Colonies Chapter 11

New Development

Getting back to working on the town.  We need to start making some more services available.  We're not yet able to really "open" the colony as a trade post or anything, but we can take steps to getting there.  So I looked around for potential areas of development, and found the spot far across from the farms.

A little further up there and there is actually a little "valley" like area.  It doesn't dip much, but that's good, it means I have less landscaping to do.  There are some trees here though, and those will have to go.  There was also a tiny pond in a small cave, and that too was done away with.

Next I wanted to try something new.  I have seen that other people tend to fill in an area instead of excavate it.  It IS quicker, and thanks to all the digging I did for the new Town Hall, I had plenty of fill material.  I decided to do it roughly now to get a flat surface, and detail it out later after the buildings were done.

I marked the street width with some torches so that I knew where i wanted the doors to be on the new buildings.  I also decided that Jim was going to have his hands full with whatever else the villagers needed him to make since he now has a full carpentry shop, so I am going to do the next couple of buildings myself.  It is always useful to have as many people know as many extra jobs as they can so that a colony can survive any sort of catastrophe.

I started with a dirt outline and to make sure my dimensions were generally how I wanted them.  Next I started placing the blocks.  This building consists of a stone back room with a smaller wooden room attached to the front, where the door will be.

After I built the walls a bit, I got to working on the flooring.  Cobblestone begins to blend in too well with itself, so in the back room I fashioned some stone bricks for the flooring.  This broke up the lines and really helped with the visual style.

Generally I am not a fan of the roofing I put on the wooden portion, but it is done in the style from the home country.  Both James and Jim used this style, so I thought I should make the area look a bit more like it belonged in the colony instead of standing out.  Next I made a large chimney.  Does it look like anything yet?

On the inside I place a couple of furnaces at the base of the chimney.  I do not have any windows back here, so I create vents in the ceiling for any sort of smoke or gases to rise out before getting to the wooden room in front.

Couple of doors, a few bits of trim to make it look more in the colony style, and a sign complete our brand new Blacksmith building.  


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