Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Dungeons and Colonies 8


Ok.  So I cleared a bunch of land, now what?  Let's put that land to use.

This is Jim's old house, and for some reason I made it face the town hall at a weird turn.  I thought the Town Hall would be the center of town, but this little area by the beach is not not large enough to focus the town on.  So I took down the house chest and replaced it, put the sign facing the other homes and had Jim just redo the thing.  It was pretty simple.  Now, about that Town Hall.

I moved the Town Hall chest to the new cleared out area.  I thought a very long time, and even did some test building, to see what I wanted to do with the cleared out area.  Finally I decided that my Town Hall being the center would work good here.  Eventually it might just be the coastal area's focus, but that works too.  The second picture is me dismantling the old Town Hall.  I had thought about making it my new personal home(I'm still living on the Gullwing currently).

With the space I cleared, I thought about making a commerce area.  That problem is, I only had 4 citizens, and their jobs were based on survival, not profit yet.  So in this space I built a few more houses.  This gave me a few more workers.

Now the residential area has a sort of uniform look to it.  I added flower pots and street lights.  Oh, you have not seen the town from this angle in a while.  There's the beach and some storage bins, but it is too foggy to see the Gullwing, but it is there.  There's also someone weird in this shot, who is that?

That's Robert Smith.  Jame's own son has come to join our colony.  Unlike his lazy brother-in-law, Robert is putting his youth to use as our Hunter.  The first "for profit" job in the colony, Robert sleeps during the day time, and hunts creatures during the night.  He gathers the rare items used in goods.

For my second new citizen, whom you can not see much here, I had Jim construct a querry office.  Mr. Miller is a Miner we had join us.  He delves into the ground, collecting ores and stone for us to use in Jim's building projects.  He does not really do much right now...

Our final new building project was a collaboration between Jim and Robert Smith.  Robert wanted a base of operations for his hunting at night, away from the town so that he would not disturb those hard workers that were sleeping.  So Jim made him a camouflaged base, complete with bed for rest, out in the forest.

More big changes coming as I work on the colony and try to improve on its design.


(secret notes:  Changing people's homes is not as easy as changing their jobs.  You have to remove the Town Hall chest so that no new "vagrants" spawn, and then you have to... get rid of all the vagrants to make sure your two happy townspeople get back to their correct home together w/o swapping husbands or wives.  Don't ask me what exactly you do, its not pleasant to talk about.  Jobs relocating on the other hand are easy to switch as long as you have all possible citizens with jobs.  Just switch one job at a time)

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