Friday, March 22, 2013

Dungeons and Colonies 6

Revisit to the Rails

A while back I went looking for threats to my Colony.  Today I decided to try and eliminate one of those threats.  Remember the railway I found in Chapter 3?  Well I returned there, looking to pick a fight.  The first thing I saw was a zombie, and I sucker punched that bastid.

I jumped down onto the rails, but I met no further resistance.  I was a little let down... but then realized I would have to continue down the rails in the dark.  It suddenly looked like I might have taken out the lookout, and was left with a trap.  I looked down the long tunnel, trying to see what was in the dark.  It certainly looked like there was some type of road block.

I found the floor strewn with glass, and water gushing in everywhere.  Trying to clear the way only made it worse, as sand started filling in and letting even more water in.  I grabbed some stone and started plugging up the holes.  With that crisis over with, I started placing torches and looking around, and was in awe of what I was observing.

It was amazing!  I was encased in glass at the bottom of the sea!  It was some sort of underground/underseas railway that stretched off into the distance.  And just like that a prior mystery was solved!  For a small detour I ran up top and found some of it near the coast to snap a picture.  Remember the stuff I saw underwater way back in Chapter 1?

Well these things apparently run all around my colony as I found some off the coast here too.  So there must be some kind of ancient society that could tunnel under the sea and create rails for transportation?  Or maybe they were so advanced they needed mines even in the sea to get resources.  I return underground to explore some more.

The glass along the side, near where the hole in the ceiling was, turned out to be a DOUBLE SPAWNER dungeon!  On the left was a Enderman spawner, something I do not think can happen in normal Minecraft.  I suddenly get the fear of a potential Creeper spawner... but as I was thinking this, arrows come flying at me.  The right side is a skeleton spawner and it was spewing two skeletons at a time.  Now, I could take a room full of Skeletons, this is not my first rodeo.  But accidently hitting a room full of Enderman, or accidentally looking one in the eye?  Bad news.  But then I remember my survival lessons from back home... and I remember I have something special in my chests back at the colony.  I need to hurry because the day is getting late, I was at this time cursing my lack of gold because I wanted a watch badly.

Yes, I pumpkin!  I put it on my head, and Jim sort of looked at me like I was crazy.  No time to explain now Jim, its time to save the colony!  I head back down to the dungeon once again, and I clear the room of skeletons, mowing them down as James B. Smith clears a field of wheat.  Sure enough, not a single Enderman comes after me.

I start excavating around the spawner, making sure I can get behind and beside the parts facing the wall, and soon have both spawners covered in torches.  With the area safe, I start taking out the mossy cobblestone and replacing it with regular.  In the olden days of Minecraft, the mossy stone was a grand trophy.  This was before we had the ability to cut leaves and use them as bushes for our homes, so one of the only ways to get green in our homes was to use mossy cobble that is only found in Dungeons.  This practice is still one I cling to, considering Mossy cobble a trophy.  

Inside the chest was my real trophy though, an ancient watch that still worked!  I was just thinking I needed a watch, and here now I have one!  This one is very awesome.  No doubt whatever civilization had their rails down here, they had to keep a schedule.  The watch is immaculate and time has not worn it down a bit.  It is beautiful, gold and lustrous, I could not think of a better reward for my time(except perhaps making my colonists safer).

With my triumph in mind, I kept exploring down the long tunnels.  I went as far as I dared with the amount of food I had on me.  Most of it is just a long tunnel with no turn offs or additional dungeons, but I have not explored all of it.  I get myself a mine cart and some torches to explore a bit faster.  Not much happened that day before I went back to the colony, but I did meet an old friend on the rails.

I raised my sword, he raised his, and we charged one another in our carts much like the knights of old on their war horses!


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