Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Dungeons and Colonies Chapter 3


My colony, which is still as yet unnamed, is growing.  I am starting to bond with the workers in my town, and look at ways to improve their quality of life.  Unfortunately I still have the memory of whatever that giant rainbow faced ape-thing out there in the forests.  There are threats to my community, and I am the one expected to protect my colonists from them.  I set out, not to eliminate threats just yet, but to find out and record where these threats are.  In the future I'll make sure to neutralize them, but right now I just want to make sure my colony does not get built closer and closer to any big ones.

See that?  That looks like a threat to me.  This hole goes way down into the earth and it is way too close to my colony, all sorts of things could come out of that and hurt my people.  So I go exploring.  At the bottom I find lots of little caves and tunnels and most of them end in dead ends, but then:

An abandoned Mineshaft!  I typically like these.  They are good sources for free rail track, and usually contain many minerals along the walls that I can harvest and bring back to my colony.  They have been asking for some Lapis jewelry lately, and I could always use some more iron pickaxes.  As I get closer, this one seems a little different than the ones I've seen before.  Looking down the railway it looks bigger and wider.  Then suddenly a cart comes racing down the track.  This was not the usual abandoned mine, this was a "Better Dungeons" abandoned mine.  As the cart gets closer a puff of smoke comes forth from the cart.

A freakin' armored and armed skeleton that rides mine carts!  There were more carts coming down the way from both directions.  I decided to run like hell.  One shot me in the back with an arrow and poisoned me.  I stumbled in the dark and lost my way.  I heard water and moved towards it.  A crack in the ceiling was letting lots of water come in.  I explored it, and through the water I thought I saw sunlight.  I jumped into the water and swam to the top and was very surprised at where I came out.

The shores of my colony.  I put up a warning sign and constructed some wood over the hole so that none of my colonists fell in(and hopefully none of the super skeletons get out).  So my colony has some sort of abandoned mine full of super skeletons that ride carts and use poison arrows directly below it.  It couldn't get worse right?  I explore the outskirts of my colony and find very little in the forests, but on my way back I follow the coastline. 

That's not my boat.

In fact that is at least 3x the size of my boat.  That is a BIG ass boat.  I have no idea who is on it, I have no idea if they want to eat me.  Better Dungeons has just thrown me 2 curve balls in one evening...  My colony is not ready for this.  I need to build it better, and hope whatever is on that boat can not reach the shore just yet.


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