Friday, March 15, 2013

Dungeons and Colonies 04

Something Worth Fighting For.

My colonists and I are trying to make a new life in a new land.  The revelation that mysterious ships are sailing near us made me realize that we could possibly die to raiders, monsters, or any number of maladies.  We were just a cluster of hovels not too long ago, so if I expect my people to protect what we have, then we should make it something we are proud of.  Right now, I can personally get enough food that my people are satisfied.  The problem is that if I were to go, would my people be able to survive?  No.  They would not even have enough food stocked to get back on The Gullwing and sail home.

My next projects are separated into two sections.  The Seaside area and the Forest Development.  I started rudimentary clearing toward the forest area where our lumberjack is situated.  The hill is being cut back, and my plan is to have a terraced rise in ground level, where new homes and businesses will be built.  That is secondary for now.  Right now it seems right to expand our seaside cliff for a new purpose.

I built a sheer stone wall, almost eliminating our beach on that side.  This actually serves as defense to the town.  A sheer wall will be an obstacle to invasion, and the lack of landing area makes it harder to amass raiders in a vulnerable spot.  This also creates more land for us to use for cultivation of crops.  Speaking of crops, we need something to do with them.  One of our farmers volunteered to be our new baker.  With a new baker, we now need a bakery.

Situated away from trees and on the coast to maximize airflow, our new bakery is also part mill.  I also built it a little higher than the land near it so that it could reach the higher winds.  Joseph Jones is our baker, and he will take the wheat from the farmer and turn it into loaves of bread.  I will have to dispense this to homes until we set up a warehouse.

A little look at the game mechanics.  Before a colonist can get a job, they must get a citizen chest.  So if you have a particular fondness for a named colonist being a certain job, be sure to only move job chests one at a time.  This is what I did when I destroyed the farmer chest and moved it into a new location, closer to the bakery.

After moving him over, I proceeded to tear down the original farm structures.  I'm going to make an more efficient use of the land in this area by creating a long rectangular farm, with fences to protect it from random animals.  I will have to tend this part of the land, as Farmer Smith will only tend to his own area near the bakery.  It will also look very nice to have more of a "lake" of wheat than some old wood.

Our seaside area is starting to look much more pretty, and actually gaining much more use as well.  I need to create some pasture land for the raising of animals.  While being able to have pork and beef would be great, the primary usage will be for sheep.  The wool is needed for clothing, repairing any windmill sails, and also several other buildings we will want to make will use wool as well.

I am also finding myself bonding with my colonists.  With each 4 of the workers having separate jobs now, I can easily identify who I am seeing while doing work.  On the way back to the ship, I pass and greet them.  I may do a blog post to feature each of them.


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