Tuesday, March 5, 2013

A Re-Imagining; The Skypp Network


I still get a couple of thousand new hits here a year it seems.  I do not really see why because aside from nostalgia, this Let's Play is pretty horrible.  It is almost too boring for me to even re-read, so for anyone that seems to get sucked into it, I'm sorry it was not better.

Anyways, I am redoing all of my blogging and setting up a unified look and a renewed dedication to typing.  This means that Skyppcraft is going to become my "Now Playing" Journal.  I still typically play Minecraft, so if you came here for Minecraft, it is still here.  I have a new series called "Dungeons and Colonies" that will follow the format of the previous "Bay" and "River" set; meaning that it will be a text and picture journal.  If you are new here, you should be able to search labels for "Dungeons and Colonies" when the posts start showing up.

My other Blogs include "Gaming with Skypp", which is an opinion and editorializing blog about video game based news.  Also I have "Skypp's Table" which is based on my table top gaming habits and maybe a bit of news.  I typically play and comment on Pathfinder, Savage Worlds, and Game Mastering in general.  If you like Skyppcraft, you may find some stuff to read on those sites.

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