Friday, March 8, 2013

Dungeons and Colonies Chapter 2

I continued the next day to prepare for her arrival.  A majestic ship with a few supplies from the homeland, and a cargo hold full of people ready to start a new life with me.  I set up a little platform out in the bay, and awaited the ship to weigh anchor in the deeper parts away from the bay and cliffs of Dover.  Finally, I saw her, sailing into view.  She is the magnificent "Gullwing".  Her name having nothing to do with a sudden obsession with a Mercedes Benz super expensive 200,000 dollar sports car the night before.  The ship is rather well made when it comes to ship designs I've seen in Minecraft.  Usually things are a bit too large so that they can accommodate detail, but I call oversized things in Minecraft "pixel art" instead of in game, usable things.  The Gullwing is an in game usable thing that looks beautiful. 

After a few hours, my first citizens show up.  They are, at first, beleaguered and shabby from the voyage from the mainland.  Eventually though they say hell and pick out their citizen chests where I have given them supplies and certificates pertaining to the success of the colony.  In no time I find my builder, a man from back home that is learned in the ways of engineering and carpentry.  The first thing he starts on is the Town Hall.  The gathering and governing property of the new colony, the Town Hall takes many resources and must be completed first.

I have yet to name my colony.  I have thought of naming it after the Cliffs I had lived in while preparing for their arrival, but I am not completely happy with it.  I like to name my places after something descriptive around it.  While I was pondering this, I realized that the cliff beside the bay, the dominating and interestingly shaped cliff looked like the horse head of a chess set!

So now I need to think of an Equestrian based name for my colony.  Meanwhile, my builder is hard at work.  After consulting me on their locations, the first 8 citizens now have their homes.  I gather resources and decorate the colony, trying to make it feel more like a town.  While he is building things, I am creating walkways, paths, and lighting for our citizens to use.

With roads, farms, and a lumberjack operation in the works, the colony looks to be getting off to a great start.


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