Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Dungeons and Colonies 5

My Peoples

As I'm playing, I'm seeing that my first four workers have pretty much stayed constant.  I have not had any crazy deaths nor have I had a total re-naming of the colonists, which I hear can happen from time to time.  Anyways, I'm starting to enjoy passing my workers and kind of saying(or thinking) "hi Jim" or "hi James" as I go off doing my work on the Colony.  I don't say "where's my builder?"  I say "OK, where's Jim?"  I guess my first "friend" would be Jim Robinson, he's the first one I think about by name instead of job.

Jim has built almost all of the structures in the town.  He's got the yellow helm, but what is weird is I often see him where grey and have a blue hat.  Sometimes he's got a mustache, sometimes he's shaven.  I guess there are a ton of builder styles that switch around when you get into the game.  His partner is Lisa Wilson.  There are 2 Wilson sisters in the town.  My colonists come from a land where the last name is not taken by the Wife, and I am not sure how the children get named.  While looking through my pictures, it turns out that Jim was not my first builder.

James B. Smith was my first builder, he built my Town Hall.  The jobs must have gotten switched around when I was re-arranging my citizen chests and such.  Old James is now my farmer.  I call him Old James because he is apparently old enough to master several skills, but also the Baker(and former fellow Farmer) has a partner with his last name.  I took this to mean he taught his son-in-law to farm, and that his daughter is married to him.  Old James is married to Jennifer Taylor, who has yet to have any relatives outside the immediate family.

Joseph Jones was at one time my 2nd Farmer before I understood the Farming mechanics of the Colony.  He is apparently married to James B. Smith's daughter, Elizabeth Smith.  He is now our Baker, chosen because he was the 2nd Farmer, and so I hadn't grown attached to him being a Farmer yet.  Bakers look kind of silly in MineColony, so I get this sort of "not too bright" and "wishy washy with responsibility" kind of character.  Plus I just like imagining Old James smacking him on the head when he says something stupid.

Christopher Jackson is my Lumberjack.  I did not have this in mind before looking at the photos I took, but I thought he was kind of "apart" from the rest of the group.  Now that I look at the narrative I wove around things that he is Jim Robinson's brother-in-law.  He is married to Patricia Wilson, the sister of Lisa.  So that kind of establishes 2 close families in my Colony, and I quite like that.  Jim and Chris are also tied together in their work like James and Joseph.  Jim needs Chris' lumber to be able to do his job, just as Joseph needs the wheat from James to bake his bread.

Sometimes little stories just work themselves out like that.

I will not be doing this for every worker I get in the Colony.  MineColony is a harsh mod, and with Better Dungeons, a random "boss" creature can come in and totally kill everyone in the village without blinking.  People will die and be replaced, people will acquire and change jobs.  These are my 4, unless another sticks out due to heroic actions or something later.  If something happens to these 4, I will keep it posted.


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