Saturday, January 29, 2011

Weekend Update Jan 29

Really not much to update.

I'm starting to feel like I'm waiting week to week to decide if I'm going to play much Minecraft. I'm wanting that new patch, that new item, that new thing. Unfortunately the next update looks like help for the mod community, something I do not dabble in.

I'm stuck in consoles and emulators at the moment. I"m having a Beat'em up addiction flare up currently. Playing the old Ninja Turtles arcade games, some Genesis Streets of Rage here and there, and also looking at a few games I never knew existed.

I did see that Halo 2 map for Minecraft. I am not a Halo fan, but I did see that it looked like the bow was just reskinned(very simple to do) as well as the arrows. It is very cool though, and it makes me want Minecraft to be a games platform like Little Big Planet. With some tweaks I'm sure you could have it make randomized city buildings. Add in some way to do cutscenes and people could make their own RPG's. Maybe not even that, I could see after Minecraft is done that Notch just officially makes a Gun-craft as a pseudo sequel. RPG-craft too. It seems it would be simple to really expand Minecraft into several games for several years. I don't think Notch has that ambition though from what I read in his interviews.

I need to download that Legend of Zelda Link to the Past map, that's my favorite zelda by a wide and far margin. I'd like to play around in it. Perhaps dig a few of the dungeons that aren't included in the map.

Well, that's it for now, I don't know if I'll have many updates next week. We'll have to see how today and monday goes.


  1. Stumbled upon this via a thread on the minecraft forums. Really great work so far, though I've only read season 4. Looking forward to reading through the rest later tonight.

  2. Pretty cool stuff, I just finished reading all the episodes today but I started reading sometime in December. I'd like to see more, but I noticed that it's been almost a month since you last updated this. Do you plan on continuing with this world?

  3. I do! Several seasons ready to go!

    Somehow my series got de-listed on Minecraft forums and my traffic went to almost zero. So I didn't think anyone cared anymore.