Thursday, January 13, 2011


There has been less and less posts here as of late. You can kind of blame that on new games I acquired at Christmas and also on some old fashioned Baldur's Gate.

But also on my dread that this world I've put a lot of time into is quickly becoming obsolete.

The new update came today and with it some new stuff that will have to be generated far away from my spawn point. Things like sandstone and lapis only spawn in newly generated areas. I really really like the world I have right now, but that's mainly because it is not alien to me any longer. I know my land marks, I know my world, I can generally get "lost" and still find my way home.

So the dread that I will have to give it up soon is spreading.

So maybe I should think of an end game. I think i'll finish my river and make my home.

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