Wednesday, December 1, 2010

S3 Minecraft Styxx ep 8 "Red Eyes"

Season 3 Styxx

Episode 8 "Red Eyes"

I was getting a little claustrophobic down in the tunnels for so long, so I decided to do some river work above ground. Like before, I start by shaping, then my randomizing, and finally naturalizing an area. Here's 3 quick picks of the continuing work.


With that out of the way, I headed back down. Remember the Lava "waterfall" thing I found last time? Instead of hopping into the water, I went the other direction, behind the Lava-fall and into the darkness beyond it.


It only stayed strait for a little while, and soon the cave shot upward. I went up and up, eventually it got more and more steep. Still, I climbed.


This was starting to remind me of the Great Falls in an earlier post, I contemplated making some ladders. Then, I spotted something as I went by. It was cobblestone. Now, cobble stone is usually not naturally occurring.


So I figured that just like the waterfalls, I had reached something I had done before. I was worried I'd open up the cobblestone and find out I was digging up my Tower's floor. I was wrong.


Instantly I was glad that I opened the way as I did, the spiders were too wide to get through. They starting hissing and howling like crazy, I could not count the eyes that dotted in front of me. I got in the door way and started killing them as fast as I could, eventually it cleared enough for me to look inward. In case you missed it, look at the picture above, and look towards the top! Red eyes of pure murder!


Mossy cobble stone tipped me off, and then I saw the spawner, this was a spider dungeon room! I ran in the room, killed a few spiders, planted a torch then ran back out. I had to brave the room 3 times before the spiders stopped coming. Torches neutralize the spawner. More mossy cobblestone to take home, I was very happy. I figured the chest would be some random materials, but actually it was this.


Saddles! I have seen people ride pigs and now I could too!

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