Saturday, January 15, 2011

Weekend Grab Bag


I know most of you are from the Minecraft forums, and I know my blog is nothing amazing on the "omg that's awesome" end of things. I'm not a builder really, I'm an adventurer. There are lots of places to get your builder kicks, and I'm sure you've seen plenty of neat creations.

I know a couple of you are from my facebook and have no idea there are people that aren't like me in Minecraft. You might read my blog because you are bored or because you are my friend, but there really is some amazing building going on in this game.

So this weekend I am adding images from Crafthub and Worth1000 of amazing buildings from Minecraft. I do not know how many of these are "pure" as in, no cheats, but even if there were cheats involved, there is some amazing architecture in here.


This is a log cabin from the "aesthetically pleasing log cabins" post on the Minecraft forums. What I like about this one is the landscaping that goes along with the cabin. The waterfall is a very nice touch. The cabin is absolutely massive, and inside there are lots of nice additions.


Shockingly this is not based on a real Japanese castle. It looks like it could be though. This is absolutely huge. It is not to scale, but that's a must if you want this kind of detail. The mountain rock that it is built on, and the massive walls surrounding it are amazing. There are many texture packs that make this kind of stuff easy, but this guy used the default textures, so he made the "look" all by hand.


This is what they call the Legendary Map, and for good reason. I have not seen any more impressive a city in game yet. You can now download this and walk around in it if you desire. The scope and scale of this is absolutely mystifying.


A classic bit of art recreated in Minecraft. An M.C. Escher staple, the stairs poster adorns many a college room dorm. Is this really an optical illusion inside minecraft? Not really, but this is an impressive recreation none-the-less

So there. Now you know how dull I am. I spend months carving a river through a mountain. I make a tower barely large enough to walk in lol. I do want to build more, but I feel like if I do a magnum opus in BETA, I'll be burned out by the time the game is released. Or I'm afraid if I create a big landscape, I'll ruin the feel of my map, which I have found I like much more than any other random generated map I've had generated since.

Either way, I do need to build a new home soon, I'm getting further away from my tower as I'm digging my river.

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