Saturday, January 22, 2011

Weekend Update

A few things out of the way first. I've got a full up week full of episodes done thanks to the new house construction. Kind of a sidetrack inside "Man vs River", but very necessary and very fun. I first made the house in a random world I have generated, using wood and dirt. This was to make sure it worked, and didn't "dominate" the landscape as I have been worrying about.

The future of Minecraft is murky. I think that is one of the big draws to it. The future is every bit as open ended as the gameplay, allowing people to take the small glimpses of something great, and formulate their own Minecraft in their own minds.

My personal Minecraft view is something that includes extensive Biome work. I know Notch has said that Biomes follow a set of rules, but I call bunk on that because snow is showing up right next to tropical rainforests currently. But I'm fine with that for now. I have this vision of each biome taking up much larger amounts of space, and being very diverse. He has started adding seperate trees for the biomes, and I want seperate animals. A gorilla in the rainforests, a lion on the savannah, polar bears in the snow.

Further, and this is stretching it, I want at least 2 water biomes. Fresh water and oceanic.

I'd like to see what they call "rogue-like" dungeons instead of what we have now, which is random 10x10 room squares dotted about. I'd like to find doors that lead to long tunnels with treasure rooms, traps, and boss fights.

All of these "hopes" are based on things that are in game now. I think, as usual, I take things a little more serious than some people, and I think the same goes for Notch and Minecraft. I want fish in the water, we get very weird squids. I want different environments, we get snowy deserts.

The most dangerous thing to Minecraft is getting done. As in being a finished project. Because everyone has their own vision for it, and the majority will not see those hopes reflected in that product. I guess it is good Notch did what he did with the pricing, I see Minecraft making all its money in beta, and maybe even being forgotten at release.


  1. Well... I don't know about future. Or finished project. But right now it's just good. And there are sooo many people enjoying this game :D

  2. Oh definitely, I've already gotten more fun out of the game than I do 95% of the games I play. So even if the end isn't what I think it would be, I've got my money's worth and enjoyed myself.